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The Dominican Life Center
Clinic Services

Nurse Practitioner
Each Dominican Life Center resident has the option of choosing a physician or a nurse practitioner as her primary care provider. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced academic and clinical experience, which enables him or her to diagnose and manage most common and many chronic illnesses, either independently or as part of a health care team. Nurse practitioners order and interpret laboratory tests, radiological tests, EKGs, and other tests, and refer patients to specialists as needed. They are fully licensed and board-certified.

Sharon Spanbauer, OP, ministers as the nurse practitioner for the DLC. She sees residents twice a week in the conveniently located clinic on the first floor of the center, which is fully equipped with the latest medical technology. In addition to treating residents, Sister Sharon conducts physicals for new Adrian Dominican co-workers, serves as a resource for nursing personnel, and acts as a consultant for DLC residents who have other primary care providers.

One of the advantages to having Sister Sharon as a primary care provider is that she has the gift of time that many physicians don't have — she schedules 45 minutes with each resident to ensure that her health care concerns are addressed.

Outreach Clinic
An outreach nurse is available for all DLC residents living within the continuum where a nurse is not on-call at all times (Regina, and Maria 1st and 2nd floors). The outreach nurse is available to answer questions, or to assess a resident and consult her primary care provider. She schedules tests, administers medications and provides treatments as ordered. The Outreach Clinic assists residents, as needed, to organize medications so that they may be taken appropriately. The Outreach Clinic is not only a convenience, but helps our more independent residents to stay healthy.

Foot Clinic
Also available is the Foot Clinic, where DLC residents can receive pedicures (including foot soak and massage) by appointment.

Nurse Practitioner: Sister Sharon Spanbauer, OP
[email protected]

Outreach Clinic: Karen Louisignau
[email protected]