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Nursing Services

The nursing co-workers in the Dominican Life Center are dedicated to the well-being of each sister, and strive to meet her needs while encouraging her to make choices and to remain independent for as long as possible. Mutuality of ministry is evident. Co-workers view their work of caring for the sisters as a ministry. In turn, the sisters minister to each other and to co-workers through their prayers, presence and support.

Nurses take pride in individualizing care to meet the unique needs of each sister, especially those who come to the DLC on a temporary basis to recuperate from surgery or to receive medical or rehabilitative treatment. Nursing staff consult with other health care providers and specialists to ensure that each sister receives the best possible care. Special equipment is acquired as needed, and medication is provided through a contracted pharmacy. Open communication is maintained with Chapter Prioresses regarding the sister's health.

Numerous continuing education opportunities are available for the nursing staff. In particular, regular in-services are offered as well as paid attendance at approved nursing workshops and seminars. Nursing co-workers receive training in the latest medications and treatments for supporting memory, restorative nursing, women's health issues, needs of the older adult, and end-of-life care. In addition, there is a tuition reimbursement program for qualified staff who are enrolled in nursing programs.

Director of Nursing: Alice Schultz
[email protected]