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The Dominican Life Center
Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services are available to sisters in all levels of the continuum of care, as well as to sisters who come to the Dominican Life Center on a short-term basis to recuperate from surgery or an illness. The department offers a variety of treatment modalities under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist. Speech and occupational therapists are consulted as needed. Due to licensing laws, a sister can be evaluated by a physical therapist but cannot receive rehab treatments without an order from a medical doctor (MD), doctor of osteopathy (DO), podiatrist, or dentist for TMJ problems.

Each sister participates in a rehab program tailored to her individual needs, and she is seen as often as necessary until her optimum health is achieved. Treatments range from hot and cold packs for arthritis to skilled care for sisters who have acute needs resulting from strokes, mastectomies, back surgeries, knee replacements or amputations. A full-service gym complete with parallel bars, shoulder pulleys, exercise bikes and other equipment is available on site. Adaptive devices such as braces, arm slings, canes, walkers, and weighted spoons and forks are provided to residents as needed to help them remain independent for as long as possible. In addition, Rehabilitation Services provides Amigos (motorized scooters) to residents, as well as training on how to use them.

Exercise Groups
A yearly range of motion assessment of joints and muscles is completed for residents. Four exercise groups tailored to the needs of residents who have various levels of mobility and physical activity are offered. Some groups meet daily, while others meet three times a week.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is offered to DLC residents on Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment and for a fee. Treatments typically last a half hour to an hour and are conducted by a licensed massage therapist.

Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves is a program designed to monitor and decrease the number of falls experienced by DLC residents. Co-workers from each department in the DLC comprise a core committee that meets regularly to evaluate ways in which falls can be prevented.

Director of Rehabilitation Services: Susan Mullinix
[email protected]