(Updated September 15, 2006)

1. The Alternative Investment (AI) Loan Fund has been recently increased by $500,000. What is the total amount of capital in the AI Loan Fund?

2. Are there any organizations that you lend to in the Louisiana area that are providing relief services to those affected by Hurricane Katrina? Yes, visit the Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc. web site.

3. What other partners and resources could you suggest that have similar goals in the field of community investment?

4. How does PAB determine which companies to address regarding corporate social responsibility?

PAB works in conjunction with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), the national collaborative of faith-based institutional investors, and by review of holdings in the Congregation’s investment portfolios. (link to Corporate Responsibility under Shareholder Actions where is states Shareholder Issues and Concerns

5. What happens at a corporate annual meeting? Link to speeches

6. What are the AI Fund's target sectors for lending through the Alternative Investment Fund?

7. How does a nonprofit organization apply for a loan from the Alternative Investment Fund?

8. What criteria are screened when applying for an Alternative Investment Loan?

9. What does PAB actually do and how is it carrying out the Adrian Dominican Sisters' Mission and Vision?

10. Who are the current PAB members and staff?

11. Who can I contact to learn more about current socially responsible investing issues, corporate responsibility or alternative (community) investment loans?