Walking in Solidarity to Confront Systems

We are all too aware of the rampant evil in the world today. Systemic poverty, racism, war and structures that dis-value life are everywhere, and the challenge to address them often seems overwhelming. After months of prayer and study in preparation for our General Chapter last year, we were firmly committed to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in addressing these issues. By the end of the chapter, the Dominican Sisters of Adrian had put into words a vision for the future. Reading it, I felt both exhilarated and confounded. It was so right, but so formidable.

I shared our chapter commitments with a Lutheran pastor friend. That week he preached about them to his congregation. We sponsor an ecumenical discussion group of about thirty members who meet weekly. There, too, we talked about the purpose of a General Chapter and the implications of our Vision. Now this lively group of senior citizens join us in promoting the renewal of church and society. Together we claim the authority and responsibility to promote a just, peaceful, and welcoming society beginning right here in Westchester. Walking together in solidarity has made such a difference!

Kay Buechele, OP
Westchester, Illinois
Volunteer at Aquinas Literacy Center
Volunteer with Pastoral Ministry at Divine Providence Parish
Volunteer at Marillac House, a charity center in Chicago run by the Daughters of Charity