Reflection on the Vision

Through a phrase of a well known author, I was recently reminded that my vision would be clear when I looked into my heart! In pondering these words in the early morning hours of my days, I discovered anew that my deepest yearnings were that the merciful, just, compassionate God of my life be alive and well in every aspect of creation.

This God of my faith and of my commitment urges me in private to be public in my action. Within the sphere of my influence I notice all the events which call me to seek truth, make peace, and reverence life. Together with my Adrian Dominican Sisters and Associates, and with those with whom we minister, I am called to do the work required for the harmony and justice I desire. There are endless possibilities!

As long as there is one person oppressed by racism, by gender inequity, by disdain for the ecosystem, by religious and cultural arrogance; as long as there is one person suffering, there is work to be accomplished. I want to transform my charity into justice, my deepest yearnings into resolute deeds.

Janet Capone, OP
Prioress of the Congregation 1998-2004
In transition