Reflection on Integrating the Vision into My Life

What a beautiful Vision we adopted at General Chapter 2004! But words are only words. Action must follow.

In addition to my ministry as the Florida Mission Chapter secretary, I look for other ways to put our Vision into action. I ask myself, “With whom am I in daily contact?” The answer is every individual I meet while shopping, driving on the crowded streets of West Palm Beach, or taking my daily walk around the complex where I live.

Consequently, I have become much more aware of ways in which I can make peace during these times. A smile to an elderly shopper (Why do so many of them walk around looking sad and worried?), a pause in traffic to let a waiting car into the line at a red light (Was that driver about to experience road rage?), a cheery word to a youngster on his/her way to the school bus (Are those book bags as heavy as they look?) are ways that I can pass along the peace of my life.

These actions may seem small, but hopefully each will have a ripple effect and bring greater peace to West Palm Beach!

Jean Crane, OP
West Palm Beach, Florida