Seeking Truth in the Evening News

Hear the flow of words with attentive ears - ears that hear the murmur of grief beneath the speech. Watch the flow of images with visionary eyes - eyes that see the before and after, the why and the pain-filled, cascading consequences. It is in the hearing and seeing of a reflective heart that injustice, deception, and careless regard for life are discerned amid the rhetoric and gloss. It is in the reflective heart that outrage flares. And we feed the outrage by paying close attention, by seeing through surfaces, by hearing more than words.

Beyond rage is the slow, burning anger that stirs the heart and mind to stay engaged in the struggle for justice, truth and reverence for life. We pray each day to keep the anger alive so we have the courage, the patience, and the stamina to stay in the fray, despite our years and shortcomings.

We do what we can, persist where we are. We stretch our care to touch the afflicted, to absorb their pain, to experience our oneness. We pour our compassion around, into, the earth and her people, with full confidence that, in some mystical way, it is felt. We remember God - that s/he is alive within us.

Jean Denomme, OP
Involved with Schott Communities for the Deaf and Disabled
Cooper City, Florida