Reflection on the Vision

When I reflect on the effect this and former Visions have had on my life and ministry, I think of them as a lens through which I pray, study, preach, teach and write. Truth seeking means that I need to engage in dialogue with opposing points of view, look “behind” the news and go to international sources to become informed of a global reality which is so rarely offered in network news. Truth-seeking informs my reverence for life and grounds my efforts at peacemaking.

Over the years, my experience has taught me that sometimes our Vision pulls me along toward new awareness or venues of study and I have to catch up. At other times, I may push the community toward new insights. It is like the relationship between a pseudo pod and the cytoplasm in the amoeba. Sometimes we push and other times we are carried along. In either case, the organism thrives.

The Vision captures and articulates our passion for the common good of the global community, that is, the Reign of God.

Mary Ann Dixon, OP
Director of Faith Formation
St. John Fisher Parish
Auburn Hills, Michigan