Seek Truth, Make Peace, Reverence Life

As I reflect on our Vision and its effect on my life so far, I find that I have already made some changes. Some of these changes are minor and others are just in the early stages of development. They consist mainly in how and what I seek to deepen so as to embrace the breadth of this Vision.

I believe I have sought truth for a long time, but now I more consciously read and listen, not just to know but to discern the truth of what I am learning. My reading is more varied. I seek books and articles on non-violent peace making, on causes of poverty that results in hunger and homelessness, and on ecology. I look for women authors to get a feminine viewpoint on spirituality and theology.

In my listening to the world and national news, I look for what policies, decisions and actions are being developed to address problems of racism, poverty, unemployment and education. This listening has moved me to do some writing to or calling on our lawmakers.

In the Vision we say Make Peace. This action word make calls me to be active in helping to create peace. Prayer has been my main recourse to ask for peace and it continues to be so, but I see more clearly now that I must also do something. I can get involved in peace movements and support groups that are carrying out non-violent ways of bringing about peace. This support may be by way of finances or encouragement.

I've come to realize how much broader Reverence Life is than Respect Life. Reverence is more than respect and acceptance. I see it is an acknowledgement of the presence of the Spirit in all forms of life. I try to extend my reverence for life in my speech, attitudes and actions. The reality of and the conditions of refugees and captives truly touch me for these represent such blatant lack of reverence for life. For that matter, so is utter poverty with its results in hunger and homelessness.

These are some personal changes I've begun to make because of what our new Vision has awakened in me. These changes need to be deepened and shared, and with God's grace they will become ever more fully integrated into my life as a Dominican of Adrian.

Veronica Gonthier, OP