“We Dominican Preachers of Adrian
impelled by the Gospel and
outraged by the injustices of our day….”

Charism of Preaching,
Divine Energy derived from cosmos
Readying us together for this time.

Cosmos ~ womb of life and love,
Handmaiden of the Holy Spirit,
Breather forth of God's wisdom,
of all expression ~ religious and human,
of all creatures' cell life.

SOCIAL ~ struggling to transform systems
and all within them,
including their inner life.

ARTIST ~ transformation as high art form,
Full life for women ~ men
all ages, all races and cultures ~
precious, exciting, luminous.

Our Vision ~ Reflection of God's Energy,
Corporate, Powerful Reach
for higher world order.

No clear models?
Move to the outer edges?
Fresh air out there,
Vision, Hope, Joy, Excitement,
Our charism alive in us!

“Stirred by the Wisdom of God….”

Need more wisdom?
Ask for it. It is promised.
God begrudges it to none! (James 1:5)
Our Chapter together,
Our life in God's wondrous world,
Our Vision ~ God's energy!

Everything is already in us
To bring us HOME!

Anele Heiges, OP

Vision As Reflection of Divine Energy