Reflection on the Vision

As an intern member of the Focolare movement I find myself immersed in our Vision. This year “Project 7000” took care of 7,000 families in need. They were supplied with homes, medicine, food, and clothing. For this we work together: focolarini, families, consecrated women and men, volunteers, priests, gen (new generation) and so on. Everyone's little contribution turns into a big thing. When families are on their feet they in turn help others if their reality permits.

Gen women and men (ages 18 - 29) come for formation in the spirituality of giving for short or long periods and return home to live the spirituality of giving, of communion.

The Focolare initiated the “Economy of Sharing,” another area of giving. Lay persons in EOS have 700 (now more) large and small businesses in which a third of the profit goes to the workers and owners, a third to the business, and a third to the poor. No one becomes extremely wealthy, but all have all they want and need.

Gen from other countries come to the Focolare “mini city” in Hyde Park, New York, for an experience of a spirituality of unity and giving. While here they learn English as a second language. This year I have taught two from Germany, one from Santo Domingo, one from Hungary, and two from Italy.

Our magazine, Living City, is totally geared to truth, peace and reverence for life. I'm privileged to be proofreader and contributor.

Margaret Karam, OP