I reflect on the deep meaning of the words we boldly proclaimed at our 2004 chapter, i.e., “seek truth, make peace, reverence life.” The pathways we choose, individually and collectively, make a difference. The daily task of responding to the world conditions, within our individual situations, challenges us to seek, make and reverence the truth, peace and life within our midst.

Each places herself where she is invited or called to be, to respond, and to act. We become outraged when we see life less fully, less human, less alive. Our goal is to enhance the human condition toward a better way of life and living, right HERE, right NOW!

Enveloping this vision personally and collectively offers the choice to make a difference. We must “THINK always and all ways” as we go forth in living the Dominican motto of “contemplating and giving to others the fruits of our contemplation.”

As we journey on our pathway we converge toward a better life of seeking, making and reverencing the TRUTH, PEACE, and LIFE that is the right of every person.

Pat McDonald, OP
Director of Graduate Studies for the Metro Detroit Program
and Associate Professor Siena Heights University