Reflection on Living the Vision

The following words from our Vision have had an impact on me during this last year: “… we challenge heresies of local and global domination, exploitation and greed that privilege some, dehumanize others and ravage Earth.”

Particularly, I have personally called myself to challenge heresies of local domination and exploitation that privilege some, dehumanize others. As a leader in the Catholic Church, particularly in the fields of education and faith formation, I have found myself energized by the belief that I can make a difference in the lives of people by ensuring that they are not forgotten nor minimized. Children in urban areas deserve a chance to prosper and strong leadership programs enable that opportunity. Women and men of cultures other than my own, as well as women in general, deserve the simple chance to be leaders and collaboration allows that gift to grow.

On paper, these two initiatives seem simple enough. If they were really so simple, we would not need them to be a vision. And that has been the challenge of this past year.

Frances Nadolny, OP
Director, Department of Education
Archdiocese of Detroit