Reflection on the Vision

We stand in solidarity with women in the world. We confront racist structures. We walk in solidarity with those who are poor. The vision follows those three pathways as I accompany Maria to the immigration office. Maria was picked up by the INS as she worked her part-time job as a cleaning woman at one of the Washington area airports. She was in this country to earn enough to raise her four children (two of whom were born here). She was barely scraping by when she was picked up, jailed, and taken to court because she did not have the proper documentation. She was picked up because she is Latina and marginal in our society. We can afford to focus on her and others like her. Did her deportation make us more secure, safer from a terrorist threat? Living the vision compels us to ask such questions, to walk with Maria as she faces a dehumanizing system, to form communities of resistance, to become “co-creators of God's justice and peace.”

Mary Priniski, OP
Working with the Service Employees International Union developing relationships with community and religious organizations and working in support of workers' rights