Reflections of the Vision

The following reflection/summary statement on living the VISION was developed by the Sabbath Mission Group during their recent meeting:

As the Sabbath Mission Group continues to reflect upon its chosen meeting themes of the Vision, the formidable element that encompasses every aspect of the statement is that of poverty. Poverty is seen by the group in all that is devastating and challenging - poverty that is financial, academic, social and racial; poverty that binds and limits; poverty that makes the possible impossible. The group pledges to create awareness and to dedicate itself to appropriate action, each in her own ministry where the poor are responded to and embraced.

GLD Sabbath Mission Group Members: Lisa Rieman (Delegate), Marie Sheila Beatty, Barbara Beerkle, Dorothy Booms, Marie Gabriel Courter, Adrianna Emery, Mary Laverne Feeney, Dorothea Gramlich, Marlene Lieder, Ann Ziemba, (Associates: Carol Horvath and Marti Rozmys)