Reflection on the Vision

One year after the adoption of the Vision of the Dominican Preachers of Adrian and 45 years after entering this Dominican Congregation, my heart is full of gratitude for the unfolding story of this community of faithful, bold, compassionate, and joyful women. Attempting to be true to our Dominican vocation, we ground our lives in discerning prayer and study listening carefully to God's Word that gives direction to our mission in the world and in the heart of creation.

As a Dominican preacher/teacher, at this moment in time, it is important for me to focus on the Congregational Vision element that states: “We live in right relationship with Earth community.” For me, this is a summary statement of all that we are about as we re-discover the profound interrelationship and connectedness between all parts (human and non-human) of creation. At the beginning of the biblical story in Genesis, we hear that all aspects of God's creation were intended to be interdependent, connected, in harmonious/right relationship. All parts of God's creation were declared “good” (1:31). Human disregard for the divine plan has led to unimaginable suffering and violence and brokenness in this world. Today we Dominicans of Adrian have discerned that we are called to counter injustices that cause the suffering of human beings and generate the destructive forces that threaten the well-being of the whole Earth community.

The task can seem overwhelming but I take heart in recalling that our Dominican sister, Catherine of Siena, has been described as always at “full stretch” in ministry, confident that God was with her in all her undertakings. I count myself blessed beyond measure to walk with the Dominicans of Adrian, who are always striving to be at “full stretch” in carrying out our Vision that challenges us to seek truth, make peace, and reverence life in all of its forms.

Sarah Ann Sharkey, OP
San Antonio, Texas