Living the Adrian Dominican Vision

There is always so much enthusiasm at the time of General Chapter, and “living the vision” seems filled with so many possibilities - until we return home to job and other involvements. Then, “living” just seems to take so much time and energy, and I don't seem to “live the vision” that way I had thought I could. So, at our last Mission Group meeting (Truth Seekers - GLC) we talked about “what would be real” for us, given all the things that seem to “eat up our time.” We spent some time sharing with one another what truly made us feel “outrage,” and in what way we could respond. We decided that we would begin our own little “semi-listserv” - just for us. Any of us who are able will send to the rest …

  • suggestions for “worthwhile reading,” e.g. The Arc of Justice by Kevin Boyle
  • immediate responses to newspaper articles or radio broadcasts where our voices (Adrian Dominicans) need to be heard
  • petitions, newsflashes via email that the rest of us might need/want to read.

We've “only just begun,” but we have made a start. We meet again in March to do a beginning “evaluation.” Hopefully our consciousness will be raised a notch and we will assist one another in our walk to respond to our “outrage!”

Anneliese Sinnott, OP
Director, Pastoral Ministry Department
Marygrove College