Reflections of the Vision

In our vision statement from General Chapter 2004, we Adrian Dominicans committed ourselves to promote lay leadership and shared decision making for a renewed Church. The Pilgrim People Mission Group chose to pursue this vision by listening to our own experiences as well as those of other women. To that end we viewed Mary Robinson's address to the LCWR/CMSM, "No Longer Bystanders--What Religious Can Bring to a Globalizing World," and then invited two lay women (one an associate) involved in parish ministry to share their experiences within the present Church structure. Two professed Adrian Dominicans who have spent many years ministering in parish and diocesan settings, shared the panel and ensuing discussion.

Listening to their experiences, the group had a better sense of the challenges and the frustrations that face women in a male-dominated church, dependent often on the local pastor or diocesan bishop. All hoped for the day when the priesthood of all baptized persons will be recognized and when qualified baptized persons--whether women or men, married or single--will be able to serve as full, adult members of the church. In the meantime, we continue to reflect on and seek ways in which individually and collectively we could make the vision statement more alive for ourselves and how we might support specific groups committed to this same vision.

Marie Wiedner, OP
Santa Cruz, California