Iraqi Dominicans Discuss Life in Iraq with Adrian Dominican Sisters

Two Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena in Iraq visited the Adrian Dominican Sisters campus on June 14-15. Marie Therese Hanna, OP, along with Maria Hanna, OP, discussed the Christian experience in Iraq today. The talk was held in St. Catherine Chapel in the Dominican Life Center.

Sister Marie Therese Hanna shared
the daily struggles of life in Iraq.

Sister Marie Therese, former Prioress of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine, and Sister Maria, the new Prioress, visited the United States to talk about the real situation of those in Baghdad and Mosul. Sister Marie Therese talked about life in Iraq, the role of Dominicans there and her hopes for the future of her country. She thanked the Dominicans in the U.S. for their prayers and support, and she offered signs of resurrection in Iraq.

Daily life is a struggle, Sister Marie Therese said, because electricity, water and other basic services are scarce. "The bombings have destroyed our entire infrastructure. All public services are bad and neglected. We need electricity, especially. We only have it for a few hours a day. Imagine yourself in Iraq now in 120-degree temperatures without electricity! We are moving from one shortage to another: fuel, electricity, medical supplies and communication services."

"We do not have clean water either and that is why our children are getting sick very often," she continued. "Right now the situation is worse than during the war, it is worse than yesterday. We do not know our enemies. We do not understand how things are going. We do not know whom we can trust and whom we can't. Our new government is not the government of unity, but at least it is a legal one. We have fear of the next constitution for Iraq because we feel that it will not protect the rights of all Iraqis."

Sister Marie Therese said that there are signs and seeds of resurrection in Iraq now, one being that "we are striving to continue our ministries. This is a sign of resurrection. We firmly believe that life is stronger than the death we see around us daily. We must continue in this vein. Prayer with courage and hope is the only thing that enables us to carry on. Our prayers have kept us going and living these past two years."

"We are grateful for your support and love, expressed both spiritually and financially," she added. "Please continue to help us in these ways."