Welcome New Associates

Betty Flaherty, OP, left,
and Jo Ann Loria.

During Rituals of Acceptance during the summer, four women were welcomed as Associates into the Adrian Dominican Congregation.

Jo Ann Loria
was received on June 20 in the Oratory of St. Hubert Parish in Harrison Township, Michigan. Betty Flaherty, OP, served as Jo Ann's mentor. On July 15, Ruth Burgess and Cate Callahan declared their readiness to become Associates during a prayer service at Rosary Heights in Edmonds, Washington. Angelica McGuire, OP, was Ruth's mentor, while Mary White, OP, served as Cate's mentor. Received on August 7 at St. Jude Parish in Indianapolis was Katie Buckley of Beech Grove, Indiana. Marianne O'Neill, OP, and Romona Nowak, OP, mentored Katie. There are now 160 Adrian Dominican Associates and 43 prospective Associates.

Angelica McGuire, OP, Ruth Burgess, Cate Callahan, and Mary White, OP.

Katie Buckley, left, with Romona Nowak, OP, and Marianne O'Neill, OP.