Welcome New Associates
Rosalinda with
Michele Kopp, OP

With joy and gratitude, the Congregation welcomed seven women as Associates in the Pacific Northwest and the Dominican Republic.

Rosalinda Aguirre's Ritual of Acceptance took place March 19 at Assumption Convent in Seattle. Rosalinda chose this venue because she had worked as Assumption's coordinator for a short time and had a connection with the sisters there.

On March 26, the following women had their Ritual of Acceptance in the Dominican Republic: Rosa Balbina Barbero, Carolina Ornes Bentz, Sonia Guitierrez de Mejia, Vivian Guzman de Vasquez, Mary Morros de Batlle, and Dahiana Sanchez. Five of the women were classmates of Rosa Monique Peña, OP, at Colegio Santo Domingo and spoke about the profound impact their Dominican education had on them as individual women.

From left: Rosa, Sonia, Dahiana,
Vivian, Carolina and Mary