Celebrations Take Adrian
Dominicans to Far-away Lands

Sisters Mary Philip and Ellen Vincent, holding bags, were given a grand send-off as they departed for the Philippines.

The year was 1945. Adrian Dominican Sisters Mary Philip Ryan, OP, Eileen Burke, OP, and Rudolf Beuttenmuller, OP, found themselves in the Dominican Republic as overseers of the construction of a new boarding school for girls, thus beginning the Adrian Dominican presence in that country.

Fast forward 20 years to 1965, and Sister Mary Philip was on another overseas mission, this time to the Philippines. Sister Mary Philip, along with Ellen Vincent McClain, OP, was charged with providing formation and direction for the new congregation known as the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Remedies.

The work of Sister Mary Philip and the Congregation was recognized during two occasions in fall 2005 which brought Adrian Dominicans back to these far-away lands: the celebration of 60 years of Adrian Dominican presence in the DR and the Filipina sisters' Ruby Jubilee.

Sisters Rudolf, Mary Philip and Eileen, traveling cloaks in hand.

Dominican Republic

"It was wonderful, joyous experience, a beautiful expression of love between two cultures," said Renee Richie, OP, of the DR celebration, which included a special Mass on September 25 in the Catedral Primada de AmŽrica. The church was filled to capacity as more than 20 Adrian Dominicans joined with alumnae from the Colegio Santo Domingo and citizens from El Cruce, Haina and other areas of the DR in commemorating the Congregation's ministerial endeavors in education and serving the poor.

Sister Rita Schiltz visited the Colegio chapel she helped design more than 50 years ago.

The Adrian Dominican roots were planted in the DR when Mother Mary Gerald Barry, OP, answered the call from Pope Pius XII to mission in Latin America. She sent Sisters Mary Philip, Eileen and Rudolf in September 1945 to open the Colegio, an all-girls boarding school, laying the foundation for the Congregation's work that has continued to this day.

As part of the anniversary weekend festivities, Adrian Dominicans took a bus trip to El Cruce, where they visited the school, pharmacy and medical lab founded by Sister Renee and Maurine Barzantni, OP. In Haina, the group visited Carol Gross, OP, who shared how their local church was built with the involvement of Adrian Dominicans. In addition, Rosa Monique Peña, OP, gave a tour of the historic buildings in Santo Domingo, and the sisters viewed a performance of folkloric dances native to the DR.

Sister Rosa Monique spoke during the celebratory Mass.

The Philippines

From September 25 through October 6, Donna Markham, OP, Prioress; Judy Rimbey, OP, General Councilor/Administrator; Nadine Foley, OP, and Marcine Klemm, OP, attended the Ruby Jubilee festivities in the Philippines, which left lasting impressions on the group. "The sisters were warm, funny and very thoughtful," Sister Nadine described. "They really have a love for our Congregation."

One of the highlights was a liturgy celebrated in the chapel of Assumption University, which is adjacent to the motherhouse. The property on which the motherhouse is situated had belonged to the Diocese of Pampanga but, on the occasion of their Ruby Jubilee, was bestowed on the Filipina sisters in perpetuity by their bishop. Also noteworthy were the blessings of the Filipina sisters' garden as well as their historical area, which traces their roots from 1965 to the present and credits the Adrian Dominicans with their start.

Sisters Nadine, Donna, Marcine and Judy toured the Imperial Gardens during a stopover in Japan.

The treasured relationship between the Adrian Dominicans and the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Remedies dates back to 1960. That year, Reverend Monsignor Felipe Pangilinan was sent by the bishop of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines, to ask the Adrian Dominican Sisters to serve in their diocese. The result, however, is that Mother Mary Gerald Barry agreed to provide formation for Filipina sisters and assist in the foundation of a new congregation in the Philippines.

Three Filipina women came to Adrian for initial formation in 1961, and two more came to Adrian in 1962. Four of those women took private perpetual vows of chastity in 1965, and upon returning to the Philippines, the new congregation known as the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Remedies was founded.

The Adrian and Filipina Sisters proudly wore their "Seek Truth, Make Peace, Reverence Life" t-shirts. The Adrian Congregation gifted the Filipina sisters with the shirts, which were printed in Tagalog, one of the dialects of the Philippines.

When the four Filipina sisters who received their initial formation in Adrian returned to the Philippines, they were accompanied by Sisters Mary Philip and Ellen Vincent, who were charged with providing formation and direction for the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Remedies. The pair remained there until 1969, at which time they were replaced by Sisters Marcine Klemm, OP, and Rosemary Marson, OP.

Following their trips to the DR and the Philippines this past fall, the Adrian Dominicans returned with renewed friendships and faith that God's presence will continue to be felt by all in these beloved countries.