Sisters and Associates Challenged to 'Be the Change'

Sixty Adrian Dominican Sisters and Associates gathered for the “Be the Change You Wish to See” Vision Integration program at Weber Center on September 16-18. The program focused on stories of change and shifts in consciousness that led participants to live the Vision more deeply. Presenter Pat Kozak, csj, captivated the audience with her presentation on “Nothing Less Than Everything: From Personal to Communal Transformation.” Included here are pictorial highlights from the event.

Pat Siemen, OP, right, with presenter
Pat Kozak, csj.

Rosa Reyes, OP,
was a participant.

Attendees focused on stories of change and shifts in consciousness. Above: Dorothy Folliard, OP, Mary-beth Beres, OP, Jamie Phelps, OP, and Pat Siemen, OP. Below: Therese Groulx, OP, Jo Ann Lucas, OP, and Candidate Thanh Nguyen.

Associate Deb Regal shares her
thoughts with Carol Coston, OP.