Prayer for Peace with Iraq

God of hope and compassion,
Holy One of Abraham and Sarah,
who called our ancestors in faith to journey to a new future
Be with us as we pray.

We remember today the country of Iraq from which they were summoned,
ancient land of the Middle East, realm of two rivers
birthplace of great cities and civilization.

May we who name ourselves children of Abraham and Sarah
call to mind our sisters and brothers in the East and with them look to a new future.

God of reconciliation, God of painful sacrifice uniting humankind
we long for the day when you will provide for all nations on earth
your blessing of peace.

But now with strife and war at hand
help us to see in each other a family likeness
a common inheritance as children of God.

Keep hatred from the threshold of our hearts,
and preserve within us a generous spirit
which recognizes all peoples as children of God.

This we ask in the name of the One who came to offer us
the costly gift of abundant life.   

--Tecie Lardner, OP