St. Catherine
of Siena

Brought to Life by Sister Nancy Murray

Nancy Murray, OP, is making her mark on audiences across the country and throughout the world, bringing to life the Dominican saint Catherine of Siena, Doctor
of the Church. With simple props and a fertile imagination, Sister Nancy portrays Catherine as the colorful, strong, passionate and enthusiastic personality that she was. Thanks to Sister Nancy's gift of transforming herself into this 14th century saint and patroness of the Dominican Order, numerous churches, schools and organizations have become acquainted with Catherine's fierce devotion to and love
for God.

Who is Catherine of Siena?

Originally named Caterina Benincasa, she was the 24th child born into her family in Siena, Italy, in 1347. She later became a lay member of the Dominican Order. Catherine cared for terminally ill patients, ministered to those on death row, and provided spiritual direction to men and women in search of God. Though she lacked formal education, she is known for her many letters sent to men and women of all walks of life. The letters, filled with wisdom and spiritual guidance, were the fruit of her own relationship with God. Catherine is best remembered for "The Dialogue," which contains the intimate conversations or prayers that she and God shared with each other. Catherine died in 1380 at age 33.

Meet St. Catherine

To schedule a visit from Catherine of Siena, please complete the form below. Performances can be done in English or Spanish.

The stipend is $1,000, plus housing and travel expenses.

Please provide the following props for Catherine's visit:

  • Small writing table
  • Straight-back chair
  • Crucifix that can be placed on the table
  • Small vase of flowers (a variety is preferred)
  • Large candle that can be seen by the audience and that can be lifted without spilling wax
  • Glass of water

Just Released!

A DVD of Sister Nancy Murray's presentation of Catherine of Siena is now available. Filmed at the Adrian Dominican Motherhouse, the DVD's running time is
1 hour and 40 minutes. The cost is $35.

To order, please make your check payable to the Adrian Dominican Sisters and mail to:

Adrian Dominican Sisters
c/o Sister Nancy Murray, OP
1257 East Siena Heights Drive
Adrian, Michigan 49221

Catherine of Siena Interest Form

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Catherine's Schedule

Peruse the list of dates when Catherine will appear in your area.

February 8-11, 2007
Dominican Volunteers Conference
Adrian, Michigan
February 17, 2007
Newman Catholic Schools
Wausau, Wisconsin
February 20, 2007
Archdiocese of Chicago
Youth Ministers
Chicago, Illinois
February 22-23, 2007
Walsh Hall
Notre Dame University
Notre Dame, Indiana
February 24, 2007
St. Joseph Parish
Homewood, Illinois
February 25, 2007
Mission Group
Chicago, Illinois
March 1, 2007
St. Vincent de Paul Seminary
Boynton Beach, Florida
March 3, 2007
St. Catherine of Siena Parish
Orange Park, Florida
March 9, 2007
St. Catherine of Siena Parish
Clearwater, Florida
March 17, 2007
Immaculata College
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 21, 2007
St. John the Baptist Parish
New Freedom, Pennsylvania
March 25, 2007
Council of Catholic Women Down River, Michigan
St. Alfred,
Taylor, Michigan
March 30, 2007
St. Joseph Parish
Wilmette, Illinois
April 15, 2007
St. Gerald Parish
Oak Lawn, Illinois
April 17, 2007
Miami University
St. Mary Campus Ministry Parish
Oxford, Ohio
April 19, 2007
Center for Dominican Studies Ohio Dominican University
Columbus, Ohio
April 21-22, 2007
St. Mary of Nazareth
Des Moines, Iowa
April 28, 2007
Gospa Missions
Evans City, Pennsylvania
April 29, 2007
St. Catherine of Siena Parish
Riverside, Connecticut
May 13-16, 2007
Dominican Colloquium,
Siena Heights University
Adrian, Michigan
May 22-28, 2007
College Preaching Conference, Barry University
Miami, Florida
June 11, 2007
St. Eulalia
Voices of the Faithful
June 25-30, 2007
Dominican High Schools Preaching Conference
Adrian, Michigan
March 13-16, 2008
Adrian Dominican
Sponsorship Conference
Adrian, Michigan

For more information, contact:

Sister Nancy Murray, OP